Search Engine Optimization on my mind

Wow, I just searched on Google using the term “two lane” and out of more than 34 million results, this website comes up as #14!!

Search Engine Optimization is quite a challenge for most sites, especially if you’re competing in a space that has a lot of results. Because of clean code, good technique, and a mindful approach to my design, I am able to get very high results for these terms. It also doesn’t hurt that my domain name, title and description all use the words Two Lane! Next I need to penetrate the terms “realtor web design” or “small business web design” since that’s the focus of my site!

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Let’s see what I can do for you!

Business in a Weak Economy

The last thing that needs to happen in a weak economy is for you to lose sight and goal of your organization’s goals. Staying afloat in turbulent times is trying. This is why I want to keep my prices affordable and business available to you, my customers.

While the world suffers economically, you certainly do not have to! Contact me for ways to further increase exposure of your site, to get the Google rankings and search engine results you want. I can put together a quick way to help your site be found in Google, to help get your exposure out there for the world to see that you’re available and ready for business!

Now is the time to start new ventures, take new chances and try new opportunities. While everyone else wonder what comes next, you’ll be ahead of the chase with a stable site, a good chance and strong opportunity to make a new life for your business. With my experience and knowledge, I will do what I can to make sure you succeed as my client.