One Word – Simplicity.

I design simple websites. Does that mean plain and unattractive? I hope not. Does it mean I can create a home page in a couple of hours? I wish!

My goal is to create fresh, clean-looking sites, with intuitive navigation that allows users to quickly find information. I like to think that the sites I design are visually appealing and targeted to a specific market. Websites should have a consistent look and feel throughout providing a comfort level for the user. In short, websites should be effective yet affordable.

You won’t hear music in the background of any of my websites. You won’t be annoyed by those animated gifs (pictures) that go on, and on, and on. You won’t sit waiting for some flashy header to finally appear, or not appear because you don’t have the current plug-in. I strive for a professionally appearing webpage that downloads quickly, even for those millions of people who have dial-up connections.

Check out my Portfolio and read some testimonials I received and decide for yourself if my philosophy is compatible with yours.