What is Two Lane Design?

The business

I work freelance and contract jobs for businesses of all sizes. I work from my home office in California.

  • We work together by email during our project. Communication is key and I welcome your ability to check on my progress.
  • I prefer small to medium sized businesses, startups and collaborations with others in the industry.
  • I do things by the day or week depending on the size of the project. Weekly¬†invoices and updates will make both our lives easier.

The person

College began my love for web design. I taught myself basic HTML coding and put up my first website within the first semester of entering college. Once I realized how much of a puzzle it was, I knew I wanted to solve those puzzles!

Micah – Owner of Two Lane Design

Over the years, I continued and finished college with a music degree but never leaving web design behind. I am self-taught, keeping up with industry standards and learning new practices along the way. I have a passion for web standards, css based design, and making a website accessible as well as easily usable.

I began working freelance for several churches and businesses in the early 2000’s before finally landing a full-time job in 2005. I’ve held a couple of positions in two companies before deciding to once again go on my own. I now work freelance and part-time for several people and companies.

The work

Most of my work is using WordPress, creating themes, optimizing for speed and SEO based on prebuilt themes like Bootstrap or something from Themeforest. I will also create mobile ready, tablet friendly and desktop optimized custom themes from scratch as needed.

I prefer you have your own hosting and domain name when you come to me for help. If you are a small business and want a site that generates low to medium traffic, we can talk about me hosting everything for a yearly hosting fee, a retainer and monthly rate for maintenance and security.

The cost

When you visit the dentist, he specializes in what he does to make your teeth look and feel better. When you go visit a doctor, his background and years of training aren’t cheap but you know he’s going to help you in the end. Custom web sites are also built with my custom specialties, by my years of experience and using best practices.

Think of the cost of a website to be about the price of a good condition 10-15 year old car. Except you get a brand new website, the knowledge to know it was built properly, to provide a good user experience, and most importantly to bring lots of success to your business.