Let’s Build Websites




Work: Responsive Web Design, BEM/HTML5/CSS3/Scss, CodeKit processing, Style Guide
Link: http://rolandus.com/

Updated Backstage, RTV and Support responsive styling to match new look, local CSS conversion to Scss using CodeKit processing, new WordPress blog integration, New Style Guide

Responsive One Page Site

Work: Mobile First, Responsive Web Design, HTML5/CSS3/jQuery, Picturefill.js
Link: http://twolanedesign.com/portfolio-projects/abcd/

Mobile first project built with agency for major client. Helped team learn responsive workflow including style tiles, mobile first wireframing, and responsive images.

Style Guide

Work: Mobile First, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap 2.3.2, HTML5/CSS3/jQuery, Yeoman (Grunt, Bower, Yo), Design
Link: http://twolanedesign.com/portfolio-projects/styleguide/

Based on Bootstrap and built using Yeoman. Test project to learn Bootstrap code and develop standards and best practices for company.

Two Lane Design

Company: Two Lane Design
Work: Mobile First, Responsive Web Design, HTML5/CSS3, PHP, WordPress, Design
Link: http://twolanedesign.com

Based on WordPress Starter Theme. Original background photo and artwork mixed with commercially free icons. Semantic, SEO friendly code with clean source formatting.

Clear Lake Family Physicians

Work: Responsive Web Design, Themeforest theme, WordPress custom site, Performance tweaking
Link: http://clearlakefamily.org

Custom site based on preset WordPress theme, code clean up using plugins, concatenation of scripts and styles using MinQueue, ACF

Mr. South Bay

Company: Mr. South Bay
Work: HTML5/CSS3, Responsive Web Design, custom PHP, WordPress, HTML5 Boilerplate
Link: http://mrsouthbay.com/

Based upon Annex Theme for WordPress. HTML5 compliant code with minimal images. Lots of very custom WordPress code including custom post types.

Arman Hekmati, MD

Company: Arman Hekmati, MD
Work: HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, PHP snippets, Graphic Design, Photography, Video, HTML5 Boilerplate
Link: http://armanhekmatimd.com

Custom PHP driven sidebar and navigation menus. Using @font-face for text. Photography and video shot by me.


Company: Farmers Insurance
Work: HTML5/CSS3, jQuery

Responsive web development on homepage, new company Digital Style Guide implementation, Updated coding practices to BEM, OOCSS styled approach, AngularJS, Optimized front end performance approach, Introduced Github for version control, Instructional education for coworkers on updated principles and best practices

MyShape logo

Company: MyShape
Work: HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, PHP snippets

Button and graphic upgrades to CSS3 and code-driven markup, Page creation using progressive HTML5 standards using graceful degradation for old IE support, Performance techniques like image compression, clean markup and slim stylesheet


Company: Rapp LA
Work: HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, HTML Email

Content design for emails, front end coding for client sites. Assisted with notification pages for Bank of America, Mattel’s Max Steel front-end styling and image slicing